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Motivational sports quotes are great to know and have on hand, for times when they are needed. The reason for these can be for many different purposes and are often used for individuals, teams, and just for personal use as well. Motivational quotes for sports have been around for many years, and is not applied just to one particular competition. These motivational sayings for athletes are for every sport because there is always the same want to be victorious, or the thought that even if defeated at least the effort had been given.

motivational sports quotes

“The strength of the group is the strength of the leaders.” – Vince Lombardi

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“Make sure that team members know they are working with you, not for you.” – John Wooden

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These three motivational sports quotes define the way a great team should be. Without a good leadership the team will falter, but that does not mean that there is only a few selected to be placed in charge. Leadership is needed as a whole by everyone that is part of the team, and only those teams that function together and listen to each persons input will be at true strength potential.

Motivational Sports Quotes

Motivational Quotes For Sports – Excellent sports motivational quotes for every athlete. The quotes explain the true fact on why every athlete strives to be the way they are. The purpose for every competitor is to become better with every game, and to realize that battling ones self is the hardest part of athletics. No person or team will become better without giving 100% effort. The intent of the motivational sports quotes are also stating that everyone is constantly learning and growing, knowledge is constant!

inspirational quotes for sports

“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.” – Arthur Ashe

motivational quotes for sports

“Every game is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential.” – Bud Wilkinson

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“You can always become better.” – Tiger Woods

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Inspirational Quotes About Sports

Inspirational Quotes About Sports – Victory and winning is not always going to happen for almost every athlete, and the way they handle the defeat is what will make them a better athlete. These motivational sports quotes allow athletes to relate with how defeat should be looked at as not a bad happening, but rather a part of how they will become more successful. The motivational sports quotes also encourage that no matter what, always play until the end and never give up. Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players, and he states his statistics to prove that not everybody is perfect. Finishing the game with your head held high is the true personality of an athlete. Best collection of inspirational quotes for sports.

“Win If You Can, Lose If You Must, But NEVER QUIT!” – Cameron Trammell

inspirational quotes about sports

“Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.” – Vince Lombardi

best motivational sports quotes

“If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.” – Laura Twitchell

famous motivational sports quotes

“Sports for me is when a guy walks off the court, and you really can’t tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way.” – Jim Courier

inspirational sports quotes

Powerful Sports Quotes

“Love is playing every game as if it’s your last.” – Michael Jordan

“The fans can make you famous. A contract can make you rich. The press can make you a superstar. But only the love can make you a player.” – Kevin Hartwyk

“Winning is only half of it. Having fun winning is the other half.” – Bum Phillips

The best part about athletics is just the point of loving the sport you play. Every game should be given full effort as if it was your last, and no matter what always know that winning is not everything. If you do not have the want to play the game, or think that you are losing interest then you may want to find a different sport or hobby. This is a great set of motivational sports quotes that encourage the passion of each athlete to play the best, and also train the best!

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